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Green Architecture

Cities and townships are being constructed to facilitate the influx of and the day-to-day requirements of people. Continued exploitation of the environment is showing consequences now. The need to not only safeguard nature but also try to replenish it has become a necessity today. While the infrastructure is being expanded and new technologies being incorporated to make everyday life easy, it is time we introspect on the ignored issues - Are we really making our livelihood easier? Are we in the process of complicating it by adding layers of infrastructure without focusing on the overall design? Is the harm being caused to our environment, reversible?

This is when the green building concept comes in and integrates various aspects of sustainability. It emphasizes the reduction of environmental impacts through a holistic approach of combining land and building uses with construction strategies.

Crescent Parc, an expansive township in Gurgaon is one such project which provides answers to all these questions. Sprawling over nearly 49 acres with an additional 17 acres alongside, this development is a mini township in itself with over 4500 dwelling units. The overall project is a mixed bag of affordable to deluxe, luxury to super luxury housing having 2BHK, 3BHK & 4BHK units. The vision is to treat the township as a town itself and engulf the town with green areas while restoring and preserving the already existing green areas. Studio KIA addresses the need of each individual to establish unique environments which serve as bespoke backdrops for the daily lives of its inhabitants.

Green Design & Planning

The built and the green here have been designed as one system and given equal importance. Green network and the built environment are integrated into one, which seamlessly flows on the site. This unified system of built and green was important to create a township level and neighborhood green, which creates a sense of living within the nature in the master plan along with a layer of pedestrian network. Further this now serves as an example which can be emulated at smart city level.

At the planning stage, the green percentage, porosity of the materials and transportation network with proximity to places with ease has been accounted for. In the second stage of the design, implementation elements of Energy, Water and Waste management systems have been embedded in the planning.

The ‘Club’:

Taking cue from nature, the community ‘Club’ is an organic, free flowing form blending with its green environs. The ‘Club’ articulates the spaces with the landscape, generating framed views that allow the enjoyment of the encounter of architecture with nature. Its green roof starting from the lawns itself is an accessible experience apart from being sustainable in character. The green roof will keep the built mass cooler in the summers and reduce air conditioning costs.

The ‘Club’ explores the expressive possibilities of light as well, a subject of recurring interest in the constantly engaged environment. Blurring boundaries between interiors and exteriors, the Club is saturated with natural light in a controlled manner at different times of day reducing its power consumption. The materials used have a high visual appeal yet are easy to maintain.

Luxury (Petioles)

Rising 20 floors, ‘Petioles’ is a coveted residential address to live life in comfort & privacy within an alluring environment. The elevation is a celebration of form and lines with well ventilated large balconies. There is a Sky deck- first of its kind in the region which keeps the building cool in addition to maximization of usable space having an array of activities like meditation & yoga zone, landscaped decks, barbecue pit, aromatic garden, water wall with shallow pool, herbarium and fitness trail to supplement comfort living .

Super luxury (The Grand)

Changing the ideology of a living experience, the super luxurious apartments of ‘The Grand’ by Studio KIA encourage co-existence with nature and are an endeavor to be a step ahead of their times. Lily ponds and water wall at the entrance, interweaves the building with nature and provides a stimulating experience. For minimizing the solar gains in summers, the residential units are efficiently planned to allow natural light and ventilation indoors.

Environmental Strategies

Rain-water harvesting, waste-water management, sewage treatment plants; VRV air conditioning, solar heating of water among other facilities have been resorted to which help in saving energy and increasing efficiency. It constitutes of well-ventilated with three side open apartments and well-planned landscaped parks with provision for solar lighting for street lights. These techniques have helped in optimum use of natural resources and saving up to 50% on costing.

As Architects, we adopted passive strategies such that all buildings which are a part of this township followed mandatory construction techniques that cause minimum pollution and other damages to the environment while conserving non-renewable energy resources.


We are keen to go that extra mile and incorporate green building features, which are a perfect blend of ancient practices and modern technological innovations for a better tomorrow.

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